Quality Policy
AMERICO is committed to provide assessment service as per the requirements specified by ISO/IEC 17021 and accreditation board guidelines for management system certification. We are also committed to comply with all applicable legal and other penitent requirements, and protect the interests of the other parties while providing our services in an independent and impartial manner with strictly adhering to the code of ethics. We are committed to manage conflict of interests and shall ensure integrity, objectivity and confidentiality while providing proactive, Independent assessment service for the benefit of humankind. We are committed to maintain effective management systems through continual improvement of our certification service processes. We are committed to provide training periodically as per the needs of our personnel involved in the certification process and we are committed to all the necessary resources required for certification services realisation. We are committed to maintain, measure and analyse the objectives periodically to achieve our policies.
Sumit Kale
Director Certifications
Issue 1
Rev No. 00
Date 01/06/2021

Impartiality Policy
Americo is committed to maintain impartiality while providing management system certification services. Americo understands the importance of impartiality while proving its management system certification activities, in order to ensure the objectivity of its management system certification activities. Americo is committed to protect the interests of the other parties while providing our services in an independent and impartial manner by strictly adhering to the code of ethics. INDEPENDENCY: Americo is fully responsible and the not outsource its process of decisions related to granting, refusing, maintaining, renewing, extending, reducing, suspending, restoring, withdrawing certification or on expanding or reducing the scope of certification. Americo activities are not marketed or offered or linked with the activities of an organization that provides management system consultancy. Americo is committed to take actions to correct inappropriate claims any consultancy organization stating or implying that certification would be similar, easier, faster or less expensive if taken from Americo. Also Americo has not recognized any consultancy organization or consultant that claims that certification would be simpler, easier, and faster or less expensive if a specified consultancy organization is used.

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