Procedure for Suspension & Withdrawal
  A client awarded a Certificate shall not to display or otherwise use the certificate and certification mark-logo as soon as practicable after certification is suspended , cancelled or withdrawn.
  Certification may be suspended for a period at the AQSR’s discretion, for example:
a. If surveillance audit / follow up audit plans if applicable have not been complied with as per certification continuation requirements 
b. If improper use of the certification, certification documentation, or certification mark-logo is not remedied to the AQSR’s certification condition;
c. If the certified client has made a change to the Management System that is not accepted by the AQSR against the existing certification conditions and contract;
d. if payment of invoiced fees is not made in time as per contract condition  Prior to issuing a notice of suspension of certification AQSR will :
a. Advise the client of any perceived grounds for suspension,
To state when the relevant facts are to be presented to the Head of certification and invite comment (with in specified time ) from the client on the perceived grounds for suspension or any mitigating circumstances;
To Present all relevant information to support mitigating cause of suspension to the Head of certification ;
b. Communicate to the Client the decision of Head of certification. As a general condition, when a client is suspended, the client shall:
Not actively promote their certification for the period of the suspension;
Not use AQSR mark-logo for the period of the suspension;
Maintain day to day activity as per its procedures
Cooperate fully with the AQSR to enable the suspension to be lifted. Suspension shall be confirmed by AQSR in a letter to the client and will indicate the conditions under which the suspension will be removed .
  The Head of certification may publish notification of the suspension.
  At completion of the specified period, the Head of certification may
a. Remove the suspension against accepting satisfactory compliance and notify the client accordingly; or
b. Cancel the certification and withdraw the certificate if the conditions are not fulfilled.
  The Client is responsible for taking prompt and adequate action to correct any contravention of the certification Criteria, and for formally notifying AQSR of the corrective action proposed or taken.
  AQSR shall cancel certification, withdraw the certificate and cancel any agreement for the use of AQSR certification mark in the following cases :
a. Under the relevant provisions of Suspension
b. At the formal request of a client;
c. If the certification Criteria are changed and the AQSR cannot ensure conformity with the new requirements;
d. If the client ceases to operate their certified system;
e. If the client fails to meet financial obligations to AQSR; or
f. on any other grounds specifically provided for under the certification criteria or formally agreed between the client and AQSR. If a certificate is withdrawn, the AQSR Register shall also be amended accordingly and AQSR may also publish notification on that ground including AQSR’s website. A client may appeal to the AQSR against a decision to withdraw certification.
  In the event of changes being required to the certification Criteria, AQSR shall :
a. Afford opportunity for client affected by a proposed change to submit comments on the proposed change(s) ;
b. Specify an effective date for the change(s); the effective date shall allow sufficient time for clients to amend and implement changes to their Management System ;
c. Formally notify all clients of the new requirements of the effective date of the change and the action required of the clients concerned; and
d. Verify that the changes have been effectively implemented. Failure to take the required action by the effective date may lead to suspension under or withdrawal/cancellation
  Reducing scope
  Scope of the certification will be reduced to exclude the part scope in the event of not meeting the requirements. The auditor concerned should report to AQSR after a thorough assessment. Based on the report submitted, AQSR shall take decision to reduce the scope and accordingly re-issue the certificate.
  Extending scope
  Upon client’s request for extending scope AQSR has to ensure the availability of scope and competence level and advise for Audit considering the Auditor time. The Audit time may be extended after seeing the actual process of the extended part of scope. The certificate will be re-issued incorporating the new scope. This type of scope extension may be clubbed with surveillance audit or it can be carried out separately through Special Audit . Upon request by any client, AQSR correctly update and state the status of certification of a client's management system as being suspended, withdrawn , reduced or extended .
  Suspended and Withdrawal list of Clients

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